Shower Fantasies

Let’s be honest – just about everyone has, at one time or another, fantasized about having sex in the shower. Dreaming about girls showering is an exceedingly common yet erotic fantasy that is shared by millions of men and women across the world. It’s also a fantasy that is more easily achievable than many others. While having several women to service your every need or having an erotic tryst with a nurse or a librarian might be a bit far fetched for most men, getting just one girl in shower is something entirely more realistic.

In subsequent pages you can read some of the specifics of shower sex and how to go about suggesting it, but for now, here are of the various permutations of the shower sex fantasy and how they relate to what you can actually accomplish in the bedroom.

The most basic version of the sex in the shower fantasy is just that – basic sex with a girl or girls showering, with the primary exotic element simply being wet. But while a girl in shower is indeed sexy, there are other, more risqué versions. One is the prison shower sex scenario, which if introduced to the “bedroom” would involve role-play. This types of “guys and girls showering” scenario may appeal to some couples interested in expanding their sexual relationships or to incorporate multiple couples into one event. Another common version is the public shower scenario, which would certainly be harder to pull off, likely after hours or at very off-peak hours, but a determined and daring couple could sneak, say, a girl in shower at a gym and have her man join once the coast is clear.

These are just a few ideas for furthering the sex in the shower fantasy, but it’s truly an open-ended endeavor. Dedicate a few minutes to discussing other girls showering fantasies with your partner and figure out ways to make your dreams a reality.